(Last revision: March 27, 2017)
Rules are also on the website will be considered current.

2017 total fees for each team will be $1,625 - ($1,525 League Fee + $100 Penalty Fees)
- Penalty Fee (Remaining funds owed back to teams will go towards league fees for 2018 season)

The criteria used to admit new teams into the league shall be as follows:

(1)        Existing teams which are splitting or want to play on a different night shall be given first priority

(2)        Second priority shall be based on a consideration of chronological order of application, maintaining a high proportion of Scarborough based players and on maintaining the competitive balance of the league.

The league shall provide:

(1)        One umpire for all regular season and playoff games.

(2)        3 Bases and 1 board to the games, Home team for the 9:30 games will be responsible for the removal of the bases and cones.

(3)        All game balls for both regular season and playoffs.

(4)        Online team roster form and liability waiver to be submitted by all players and captains

(5)        Liability insurance to cover the league officers and teams.

Team rosters will consist of a maximum of twenty-five players.  Each roster will have at least 4 female players. No new players to be added after July 1st of current season unless permission from league executive is obtained.

All players are to be insured by opening day, failure for captain to do so will result in a $25.00 Penalty Fee

All regular season games will be 7 innings per game, For playoff games if tied, will continue until won by either team (time restrictions apply). 4 innings (for losing team) constitutes an official game if halted in progress by rain or darkness by judgment of the umpire. Final inning as declared by the umpire will be completed.

No inning shall start after 1 hour and ten minutes of the regularly scheduled starting time. Any inning started prior to the time limit shall be completed in its entirety. All playoff games are time restricted as above.

All schedule requests are to be submitted no later than two weeks before the next session is set to begin, late requests will not be accepted.

BOTH TEAMS are responsible for submitting the game results

Scores can be submitted by email, by website result submission or by picture text message. If submitting results by text message a picture of the score sheet must be signed by umpire to be official.

If no score is reported before the start of the next game, the unreported game will be considered a draw and both teams will be awarded 1 point.

-6:40pm, 8:00pm & 9:30pm

For all games, a team will be allowed a grace period of up to 5 MINUTES from the scheduled start time to field their team which must consist of a minimum of 8 eligible rostered players (three female players).

A team with 8 eligible players and only 3 female players will play with a ghost in the roster spot of the missing female. An out will be recorded on the batting order and the team will have an empty field position. No more than 6 male players can play field positions

If a team is in default, a Penalty fee of $25.00 will be charged by the league, a recreational game can be played by the teams. The umpire will stay and officiate. The opposing team is awarded a win by a 7-0 score.

A rainout will be called by the league executive by 5 p.m.  All captains will be notified by email and text only. Rainouts will be called no later than 2 hours before game time.

If a game is cancelled at 5:00pm because of weather it does not mean the later games are also cancelled. Each game is unique to the weather at the time of the game. Rainouts will be called no later than (1 or 2) hours before game time. Unless otherwise advised, players are expected to be at the park and ready to play at their scheduled game time. –that later games will be called by an email announcement.

The points obtained by a team during the regular season will determine their standing for the playoffs. Two points is awarded for each win, one point for each tie and zero points for each loss.

In case of a tie, final regular season standings shall be determined firstly on the record of all tied teams in games against each other; secondly, on the run differential of all tied teams in games amongst themselves; and lastly on a coin flip.

Any grievances, protests or problems, will be settled by a league executive. These submissions must be documented in writing and presented to any member of the League Executive within 72 hours of occurrence. At time of protest, both teams will have the umpire record the game situation and sign their scorebooks, before the next pitch. The umpire will later make his report on the back of his copy of the eligibility sheet that will be forwarded to the league. A protest may be lodged by a team captain or co-captain only.

The SSSL Executive will be responsible for the engaging and paying of all umpires. Umpires will have complete control of the diamond 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time until the completion of the game. SSSL provides umpires for all its league games during the regular and playoff seasons. There are circumstances however when an umpire does not show up to work a game. When no umpire appears at the game, it is both teams' responsibilities to select an umpire to work the game. Both teams will select a responsible player from their teams to work home plate while their team is at bat.
The umpire fee to be split between the number of team umpires.

- No players will be scheduled to umpire, only in emergency situations


The rules of the league shall be those contained in the Slo-Pitch National handbook
Regular season games 7 innings per game, unless tied, then continue until won by either team (subject to time). A game will be considered LEGAL after 4 complete innings or 3 ½  innings if home team is ahead.  No inning will start 15 minutes prior to the start of the next game.

With the exception of metal and hard plastic cleats, any standard article of softball equipment is allowed. Any player found with improper equipment will be ejected from the game.
ASA bat policy will be followed.

If an non-approved bat is seen in the dugout, ONLY the team manager or co-manager is allowed to bring it to the Umpires attention. If the bat is non-approved by the Umpire it will be removed from play.
If a Player comes to the plate with an non-approved bat, that player will be ejected from the game along with the team Manager and the League Executives will determine if further action is required.


All team players must wear similar jerseys (tops). They must have the team name on the jersey.  In inclement weather, a player may wear clothing over their jersey if desired. If a jersey is covered, it is the player's responsibility to show the umpire that they have a jersey. Subs are not required to wear a formal jersey, but should be in similar colour to the team and identified to the umpire as a sub.

All players bat. Each team shall provide the other with a copy of batting order prior to the start of the game. If a player is present but is not included in the batting order, they may be added later. Players who arrive late (any time) may be added to the bottom of the order in accordance to gender. Deletions from the batting order shall be permitted (without recording an out) for legitimate reasons only at the discretion of the umpire. Batting order is by 2 males, 1 female, with the females going back up to bat as required by the batting order. Male players are set and can not be changed in the order.  A Ghost player is treated as female and will be followed by a male batter.

Player substitutions will be the discretion of the team Captain.

No anticipation step allowed. A runner on base may not leave that base until the ball is hit, or forced to leave base because of a walk. The runner is out if he leaves the base before the ball is hit. If that runner is the 3rd out, The batter at the plate will bat again the next inning.

No outfielder (including the rover) can make a throwing out to first base.

Each team shall be allowed a maximum of five (5) courtesy runners total during the game. The female courtesy runner must be the last out. The male courtesy runner can be any rostered male the Captain chooses but can only be used once per game. If the courtesy runners position comes to bat, then another courtesy runner must be utilized. If maximum have already been used, then batter will be out.

At the start of the game, a courtesy runner (1 per sex) can be declared for the duration of the game for another player (“DC”). That runner will not be counted against the 5 courtesy runner limits. The DC is only allowed to reach First Base on their own. If the DC is the first batter, the last retired batter of the same gender will be the courtesy runner. 

Sliding will be allowed at 2nd and 3rd base only. The slide should be used with discretion to maintain the safety of the players. DO NOT use a slide to break up a double play. If umpire deems a slide as intent to injure or unsafe the base runner will be called out. Remember, we are a recreational league.

Infielders are not permitted to step over the baseline until the ball is hit. Outfielders, including the rover, must be on the grass until contact. If you are only playing with 3 outfielders, all 3 must be behind the encroachment cones. The rover must be 10 feet away from the baseline. Once the inning starts, the rover must remain the same player.

- If a Pitcher at any time during a player’s at bat wants to intentionally walk that player they can point to first to indicate to umpire they wish to walk the batter. If a pitcher indicates an intentional walk before a strike is thrown the batter will be awarded 2 bases.

The commitment line and the safe line have been added to all games for safety reasons in order to prevent injuries and make the game enjoyable for everyone.

The commitment line is to be drawn on the third base line 20 feet from the corner of home plate closest to third and will be perpendicular to the third base line and extend to the screen.

Once a base runner steps past the commitment line, they cannot return to third base. No tagging is allowed past the commitment line. All plays at home plate are force plays.

In addition to the commitment line, a safe line will be drawn in foul territory at the corner of home plate closest to third base and would run perpendicular to the third base line and extend to the screen.

A base runner must come in contact with the ground on or past the safe line without touching home plate or the mat prior to being forced out at the plate in order to score a run. If a base runner touches the plate they are out.
Any player on the defensive team can make the out at home plate

Bunting and chop hitting are not permitted and shall result in the batter being out.
A foul ball on the third strike shall result in the batter being out.

The pitched ball must have a discernible arc of at least 6 feet from the ground before it passes any part of home plate and shall not reach a height of more than 12 feet at its highest point from the ground.
An illegally pitched ball shall be called immediately when it occurs and a ball will be awarded to the batter. The umpire, base or plate, will call the illegal pitch loud enough for the batter to hear. However, if the batter swings at any illegally pitched ball, the pitch will immediately become legal. The ball is alive and in play if hit by the batter. Foul tip caught by the catcher is an out, regardless of height of the ball.

A safe base shall be used in all games. On any force play at first base, the white half of the base is the fielder's base and the coloured half of the base is the base runner’s base. Consequently, on force plays at first base, the runner must touch a portion of the coloured base to be safe. If the runner touches only the white portion of the base, they will be called out. The opposite is true for the defensive player who must touch a portion of the white base to get an out. If the fielder only touches the coloured base, the base runner will be called safe.

A board will be used in all games to determine balls and strikes. A pitched ball that hits the board is a strike. Home plate will not form part of the board. Any hit ball that makes contact with the board will be a foul ball. On plays at the plate, the catcher must be in contact with Home Plate or any part of the board to record an out.

In games with fenced diamonds, each team's first 3 balls hit fair over the outfield fence will be counted as a home run. All subsequent balls hit fair over the outfield fence will be counted as a ground rule double.
No home run rule will exist for any game played on an unfenced field. All home runs will count. An exception is when there are obstructed areas that restrict the defensive player from making a play for the ball.

An inning shall consist of three outs or seven runs (7 runs maximum per inning). The final inning will have a maximum of ten (10) runs. The game is over when 7 innings have been completed. If the home team is leading in the bottom of the last inning, that half inning will not be played.

The umpire shall advise the teams of the foul lines and out of play areas prior to the start of each game.
Home team is responsible for setting up the bases and having a completed game form for reference.

Any player that is ejected from a game for any reason, an out will be recorded when it’s their turn in the batting order. If the ejected player is a female and the ejection brings the number of females to less than 3, the game will be considered a forfeit and a score of 7-0 will be recorded.

Ejected players will serve at least a 1 game suspension to be determined by league executive after reviewing incident


(1)        Umpires are providing an important service to those participating in softball. Under no
circumstances should they be hassled, threatened, or physically abused.

(2)        Teams and players have a further responsibility to prevent their fans from abusing the officials and to help control their spectators so that the game is not disrupted.

(3)        Any player/spectator ejected from a game must leave the grounds (includes parking lot). Failure to leave the grounds immediately will result in a default for the team that the player/spectator is associated with.

(4)        When a player/spectator gets ejected from a game, a review will be made by the league executive to see if further suspensions are required. 

Jewelry allowed at Individuals / umpires discretion.